About St Saviour's Community Centre

The former Mont Varouf School premises were originally built as St Saviour's  Parish School in the island of Guernsey. They were vacated in 2005 following the completion of Le Rondin School.

Following parishioners approval in 2010 the land and buildings are being renovated and converted into St Saviour’s Community Centre. This project is well under way and the centre now provides facilities for use by social, leisure and community groups for both parishioners and Guernsey island residents.

The land and buildings are now wholly owned by the parish and a 99 year lease has been signed with St Saviour’s Community Centre LBG, the company which operates the centre.



Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2012 and a sub- tenant, Maylands Nursery, commenced operations with a ten –year agreement. This ensures future income for the centre to cover ongoing running costs.

Phase 2 of the redevelopment is now almost complete and four rooms are now available for use. (See ‘Facilities’) Several community and leisure groups are using the rooms and we are seeking additional clients. Approximately £60,000 is needed to complete this phase, the remaining areas being the refurbishment of a small room and new surfacing for our large car park.

Phase 3 comprises the redevelopment of the former school swimming pool extension and changing facilities as an additional hall for community use and is planned to commence shortly. The estimated cost is £250,000.

The St Saviour's Douzaine  recommended to parishioners that the existing douzaine room be sold with reinvestment of a portion of the proceeds into the centre redevelopment. This would include the provision of a new douzaine room and constables’ office with excellent facilities at the centre. The proposal was put to parishioners on 16 July 2014 and accepted by a 74% majority.

See the History of the building here.